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And 246,000 people watched it in 2008 on You Tube before they removed it; we had to pixillate a part of JK's anatomy before it was allowed up again.

Since then there have been literally millions of other views for Vile Pervert: The Musical (You Tube kept taking it down, usually after 250,000 views, and we kept putting it up again, fractionally edited to avoid immediate attention) but also on the hundreds of other sites that have adopted it and show it - mostly, also, for free!

VPTM was called The Film Of The Year in 2008 - awarded this accolade by highly respected critic Madame Arcati - if you don't believe it...

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Jonathan King - Vile Pervert - The Music

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For example, after just over twelve years online, over 5 million people had either viewed the original full length film here or on You Tube or the many other movie sites online, or downloaded it; this is an extraordinary statistic for a 96 minute movie.

The way the new technological world is going... and an indication of the future. If you've enjoyed it; try Me Me Me - another 90 minute feature film (with real actors and a plot) - it's also free to view or download on

And our third movie opened in 2013 -

Vile Pervert: The Sequel was a followup after many fresh events. Only an hour long (a kind of TV special) it brings you into the second decade of the century.

Vile Pervert: The Truth Awakens moves into 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Believe it or not, Surrey Police wanting, it emerged in court, to redeem their botched examination into DJ Jimmy Savile, tried to get a second bite at the cherry in 2015 and found their efforts described as a "debacle" by HHJ Taylor at Southwark Crown Court in the summer of 2018.

Vile Pervert: GUILTY covers 2018 and 2019.